About us

"MINSIYIN" (the forgotten) was launched twenty years ago with the Lebanese missionary, Father Jean Abou Khalife, as a radio program that highlights the tragedy of a marginalized group of society living in the shadows of misery and deprivation. It aims at the same time to spread a culture of solidarity and brotherhood with those most in need, embodying the message of Christ and truly achieving it.


Its identity goes beyond just being a good deed or a simple material aid. It is an apostolic work based on preaching the word of God, His mercy and His gospel, since it lives within a commitment founded on adopting the needs of others and striving to alleviate their suffering.


This prophetic radio program developed into an association affiliated with the Congregation of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries, and was approved and officially appointed by the General Council under Father Elie Madi. It also received a Statement of Notification from the Lebanese state 1118/2014. The Congregation appointed Father Jean Abou Khalife and Father Jean Akiki to follow up on the tasks of the "MENSIYIN" Association, which receives, listens, evaluates and supports the poorest cases.


The Association has a keen interest first in receiving the brethren, and studying their social situation to ensure that their needs are properly assessed, then the office continues the process of collecting donations and delivering them to the forgotten brethren.


• Types of aid provided by the “MENSIYIN” Association:


The “MENSIYIN” Association office located at the heart of Jounieh provides many services, at all levels, including:

- Health assistance (surgeries, hospitalizations, medicines, treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer, etc.)

- Social aids (It provides a monthly amount ranging between $ 50 and $ 150 for the poorest families, as well as a rental allowance for the needy, especially the sick and elderly...)

- In-kind assistance (food rations are distributed for free to more than 400 families, as well as clothes and shoes for children and adults in the reception office located in Jounieh...)

- The mission of the "MENSIYIN" Association is not limited to financial support only, but also surpasses it to a personal humanitarian accompaniment by organizing free activities for the forgotten brethren, especially children and adolescents among them (summer camps, entertainment celebrations, trips, and organizing recreational and spiritual meetings for the forgotten during the holidays followed by a morsel of love).

- The annual budget of the “MENSIYIN” Association is about 360 thousand dollars, divided as follows:

Social aid, school aid, food aid, providing medicines, recreational activities (annual camp and meetings)

Staff salaries, administrative expenses, maintenance and equipment, rentals and cleanups.


The “AL-MAHBOUBIN” team (The beloved ones) has emerged from the “MENSIYIN” Association. It includes a group of young people that organizes entertainment meetings for children and the elderly, summer camps, and activities that spread joy and hope and prepare children and youth to adopt the values of Christ despite the painful and difficult circumstances they will face in the future.


The Association tree has roots in both Australia, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, where groups of MENSIYIN friends were born. They organize activities, collect donations and send them with love and joy.


It is worth noting that in the “MENSIYIN” Association the so-called “AL-ARRABIN” (the godparents) are a network of supporters for a small amount through which each group supports a family according to their needs. This group has formed the basis for the continuation of the "MENSIYIN" mission over the past years in standing by the poorest families. However, the aggravation of the economic and social crisis in Lebanon, especially nowadays, has made it difficult for us to meet all needs, and thus it has also become difficult to locate groups capable of continuing to support and assist.


Today, after the horror of the disaster that struck the capital Beirut and its people and the extent of its impact on all of Lebanon, "MENSIYIN" cannot stand idly by this painful event. Rather, as soldiers of Christ, we have to be on the ground supporting our brethren, looking for the most in need among them to stand by them, so we soothe their wounds and comfort their hearts, so that we can continue the journey of solidarity and brotherhood with those who suffer.


The “MENSIYIN” Association has provided shareholders with the ability to donate through a special account number from inside the Lebanese territory within the accounts of the Congregation of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries at Bank of Beirut: 074056 - cml


And from the countries of expansion:


Bank of Beirut


Jounieh Saha- Lebanon


Congrégation des Missionnaires Libanais Maronites - MENSIYIN




IBAN: LB74-0075-0000-0001-1401-0740-5600


For those wishing to know about the Association's activities, they can contact us through our Facebook page Mensiyin: https://www.facebook.com/mensiyin