A man needs 1,500 dollars for the cost of a hernia operation
A man requires $1,500 to cover the cost of a hernia operation in his stomach caused by carrying weights and caring for his father before his death. He also has diabetes, which has resulted in a blockage in the arteries of the legs. He also underwent several surgeries in an attempt to avoid having his leg amputated.
A cancer patient is in urgent need of $18,500.
A cancer patient is in urgent need of $18,500. He used to be a carpenter. He is no longer employed. He had chemotherapy, but he now requires a spinal marrow transplant.
Young Boy needs 700 USD/Month treatment
An 11-year-old boy has a thyroid gland problem that has stunted growth (height and growth) since the age of five. Because his treatment is no longer available in Lebanon, his family must purchase imported variants for $700 USD per month
Cancer patient needs 300$
Cancer patient needs 300$...As a result of chemotherapy treatments, a breast cancer patient who had a mastectomy in addition to removing the hand glands cannot move her hand normally and cannot meet the demands of life and provide the necessary medicines. Every six months, she should have a PT scan and checkups, which cost around 250$
Child still requires 500$ for urgent surgery
A child requires $1,600 for an immediate surgery for neck infection. Only $1,100 was obtained by the parents.
single man requires 3,330$ for hip surgery
Due to an accident, a single man requires hip surgery. The operation will cost $5150. Some institutions contributed to his assistance, but he still needs to secure the remaining $3,300.
A woman with cancer requires 2100$
A woman with cancer requires 21 chemotherapy sessions, each of which costs $100. She used to be a cleaning lady, but she is now unemployed due to her illness. Her husband has been paralyzed for 20 years and suffers from severe pains due to his inability to move. 
Divorced woman needs 230$ for her PT scan
A divorced woman who was recently cured of uterine cancer has now had the cancer recur in the intestines / she underwent surgery and chemotherapy / now she needs to do the PT scan, which costs 230$ / because of her illness, she has become unemployed, and she has a son who is addicted to drugs
An unemployed widow with four children needs 150$
An unemployed widow with four children suffers from severe anemia and disc; her husband, mother-in-law, and daughter-in-law died during Corona; and the family's entire estate was used to pay for hospitalization.
A breast cancer patient in need for 10,000,000 LBP
A breast cancer patient underwent surgery and now needs 8 chemotherapy sessions, the cost of each session is 5,000,000   After the sessions, she needs a Pt scann to determine the number of x-ray sessions
A woman requires $6,930 + 25,000,000 LBP for an urgent right hip operation
A woman in excruciating pain requires an urgent right hip operation; the remaining total cost is $6,930 + 25,000,000 LBP; let us contribute together by securing $1,000.
Elderly man needs 7,000,000 L.L. for eye surgery
An elderly man/freelancer / no fixed income/ needs eye surgery at a cost of 7.000.000 LL
68 years old women with fractured wrist
A 68-year-old woman sustained a wrist fracture. After 20 days, the hand was splinted but not soldered. She had to perform surgery and insert screws. The equipment costs $1,100, the treating doctor $400, and the hospital 10,000,000 L.   They must secure the funds by June 13, 2022 / the Mensiyin office will contribute with $ 700
A man in need of 45,000,000 for surgery
A married 55-year-old guy with three daughters lives in a rental home with a low income and no social security. He requires coronary artery liquefaction with the installation of a balloon + a bridge at a cost of 35.000.000 LBP, and the cost of heart artery liquefaction is 10 million LBP.
19 years old guy needs 14,350$ scoliosis surgery
A 19-year-old male requires scoliosis surgery; the cost of the operation is $14,350; there is no social security; the father is unemployed; the mother is a housewife; there is no consistent income.
A 66-year-old single woman needs 9,000,000 LBP
A single 66-year-old woman with no fixed income Her hand need immediate surgery. The surgery will cost 9,000,000 LBP Plus 520$.   The Mensiyin office will contribute 520$.
A girl in need for 2000$ for Open-heart operation
A girl needs an urgent open heart operation   She is now in the hospital due to her critical condition. The remaining amount is $2,000
A man with arterial embolism
A man suffering from problems in the arteries of the legs due to high diabetes / arterial embolism He needs a necessary operation that has been exposed to gangrene (removing part of the stomach flesh and attaching it to the foot). He must perform the operation as soon as possible because the gangrene has reached the bone so that the doctor does not force the amputation of the leg   The cost of the operation 40,000,000  // social security covers 20,000,000 / MENSYIN office will contribute 7,000,000 LBP
Cancer patient Urgently requires Pet Scan
A man lives in a caretaker's room with his elderly mother. He has cancer and is being treated in a hospital in Beirut. He completed 9 sessions, has one session remaining, and requires a pet scan costing around 9,000,000 L.L   Each session costs 1,200,000, and he must attend two consecutive sessions every 21 days, for a total of 2,400,000 every 21 days.
A four-year-old child need eye surgery.
A 4-year-old child requires surgery to tighten the muscles of the right and left eye, which will cost $800, or 20,000,000 LBP. A total of 7,500,000 LBP has been secured, with the remaining sum of 12,500,000 LBP be spent in a specialized eye hospital -
family in need
A 41-year-old married man has 4 children // His children are in a school and he has to pay about 23,000,000 // The cost of renting the house is 2,000,000 LBP. He has not paid the generator for 7 months now, there is no subscription anymore, the motor has been cut off due to the accumulation of the amount and non-payment / He needs an operation to remove screws and a plaque from his left hand, which was costed by social security about $1,000
Single man in need of help
A 29-year-old young man with hearing problems, is late on rent; the house's accumulated amount is 2,000,000; he sustained an injury in his leg joint, and the treating doctor prevented him from standing for long; his father does not work; he has kidney disease and heart problems; his mother is a housewife with diabetes and pressure.
gastroscope at high cost
A lady works in a hospital / the pension is limited / she has 4 children / the house is empty / her son needs a gastroscope at a cost of 5,500,000
A mother with 3 disabled children
300,000 / monthly renewal- A married woman with five children, three of them are disabled and unable to walk without crutches.they cannot purchase the basic materials needed to make carpets. The position is difficult / They are unable to meet the fundamental demands of food, electricity, and transportation / There is no provider and no income other than what is provided by donors. 
Man with diabetes requires 3,000,000L.L.
A man who works in a supermarket / has had diabetes since the age of 13 / has installed a POMP for insulin / requires 3.000.000 LBP per month medicines / his mother has many health problems, the most prominent of which is that she cannot stand or move on her own and requires 3.000.000 LBP per month medicines
sole caregiver of a 90 year old mother
Lady living with her Alzheimer's-afflicted 90-year-old mother She was in a car accident that resulted in a broken back chain, and she has been in a wheelchair for over 30 years. She is the sole caregiver for her mother. Her father isn't any longer alive, so she is attempting to support herself with handicrafts ( (porcelaine) She need specialized medical care. Due to her health condition, as well as to cover all bills (food, electricity, generator...)
22 million
A father of 2 children had an accident. his shoulder got damaged and has to undergo surgery to implant 2 tendons at a cost of 22 million.
‏An 8 year old girl needs to undergo surgery to remove a cancerous tumor
  An 8 year old girl needs to undergo surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. The cost of the operation is 8 million Lebanese pound
A fisherman’s wife who survived a fire that destroyed their house was severely injured in her hand and needs to undergo a surgery
A Married fisherman has 3 children His wife and children survived a fire that destroyed their house completely. While their children were slightly injured, the wife was severely injured in her hand and she needs to undergo emergency surgery.
An elderly shelter that holds 25 elderly people of food aid and in-kind materials.
An elderly shelter that holds 25 elderly people of food aid and in-kind materials. 
A 15 years old boy who suffers from multiple sclerosis disease needs necessary medical follow up
A family of 4 : A father, a mother and their 2 children ; a daughter whose 12 years old and a son whose 15 years old. The father works part-time job , desperately needs help in treating his son who suffers from multiple sclerosis and needs necessary medical follow-up.
need of medicines and a follow-up on both levels
  An elderly woman who lives alone in an uninhabitable house due to the lack of necessary equipments that can ensure her a decent life, suffers from health problems and is in need of medicines and a follow-up on both levels : health and nutrition.   
famous painter suffering..
  An elderly famous painter whose name has been associated with international celebrities and stars for many years is now living alone and suffering from health problems (blood pressure, kidney & heart problems ..) and is in need of expensive medicines and chronic treatments