"MINSIYIN" (the forgotten) was launched twenty years ago with the Lebanese missionary, Father Jean Abou Khalife, as a radio program that highlights the tragedy of a marginalized group of society living in the shadows of misery an
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Feast of Saint Dominic the Confessor
Feast of Saint Dominic the Confessor Celebrated on August 8   He was born in Spain (1170-1221). He established a monastic order in Toulouse, France, to resist the "Cathars" heresy in Europe. And he wanted his monks to take care of preaching and prayer. His order is known as the Dominican Order, after his name "Dominic". He died in Bologna, Italy.
Feast of the Prophet Moses
Feast of the Prophet Moses Celebrated on August 5   According to the Torah, he is the prophet and leader of the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt "the land of slavery", and an important lawgiver. The Ten Commandments that you find engraved on two tablets in Mount Horeb come at the top of the monuments associated with it, which constitute the most prominent legislative basis in the Judeo-Christian heritage. Moses belongs to the tribe of Levi bin Yaqoub, a
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